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Your Ring Bearer Options!

Of the many wedding party duties, the ring bearer surely has one of the toughest jobs! Traditionally a young boy is responsible for the wedding rings. Carrying jewelry on special pillows has been a tradition since the ancient Egyptian days, but the idea of a ring bearer became popular during the Victorian Era.

Today, ring bearers are less formal and more creative. Everything is in trend, from grandparents to dogs in weddings, eye-catching slogans to superhero costumes. Let’s have a look at some unique ring bearer ideas to incorporate into your own wedding. Here are some of the ideas for the ring bearers.

1. Country Theme Ring Bearer

For a country theme wedding, the ring bearer can be dressed up as a cowboy. A bright boutonniere will add just the right pop of color to his outfit.

2. Scottish Kilt Ring Bearer (Traditional Ring Bearer)

If you want to organize a traditional wedding with traditional dresses, then don’t leave the little ones out. The result is surely going to be spectacular and super cute.

3. Fauxhawk Ring Bearer

Give your smallest guest a chance to show off his wild side with some delightfully teased hair to match his dapper suit. A unique look or accessory is an incredible way to get your wedding ring bearer energized and involved at the wedding day.

4. Security Agent (Guard) Ring Bearer

Your rings are an incredibly important part of your big day. Ensure your jewels are safe and sound with the assistance of adorable security guard. Looks like these little guys belong in the Secret Service.

5. Superhero Ring Bearer

You are in safe hands if you dress up your ring bearer as Clark Kent. He’ll thoroughly enjoy showing your guests his superpower secrets and keep your guests entertained as well.

6. A Festive Ring Bearer

With Regards to the Festivals such as Christmas, dress up your ring bearer a boutonniere of silver holly.

7. Beachy Ring Bearer

The outfit of a ring bearer depends upon the venue of the wedding as well. If you are having an event at the beach, you can dress your ring bearer in a beachy fedora.

8. A Flag Bearer

If you have many little boys you'd like to include in your processional, try giving them flags and banners to carry down the aisle instead of picking just one to hold the rings. Cue them up and watch as the mini parade kicks off.

9. Nautical Style Ring Bearer

For nuptials on the beach, the best way to dress up for ring bear is seersucker suspenders and a bow tie with anchors on them. You may add extra accessories for more details such as a hat to the little one's outfit to keep the sun out of his eyes and up his cuteness factor considerably more.

10. Star Wars Storm Trooper

For the sci-fi nerds at heart, a storm-trooper ring bearer is an out-of-this world delight. If want to do a theme wedding, consider costuming your little ones for a surprising and unique look.

11. Ring Bearer and Groomsmen Outfit

If you decide to match the ring bearer and groomsmen outfits, then have no fear! Pick a tuxedo or a suit and the ring bearer will look as a miniature version of the groom so he will probably steal the show.

12. Fall Wedding Ring Bearer

If groomsmen's attire can consider the dress code, formality, and season of your celebration, so too can your ring bearer's. Have a fall fête by wearing an autumnal, burgundy velvet suit.

13. Summer Wedding Ring Bearer

If the wedding is in the summer soirée or in a spot with a warm-weather climate, dress your ring bearer in shorts with suspenders and a matching bow tie. This attire will ensure that the little guest is kept cool and looks stylish.

14. Grandfather Ring Bearer

Why should kids get to have all the fun? Grandfathers can make an excellent alternate ring bearer. This is an incredible method to pay homage to a beloved family member.

15. Pet Ring Bearer

Don’t forget your pets on your big day. You can walk your ring bearer with your best four-legged buddy down the aisle. Your dog will probably keep your ring carrier's nerves under control!

We expect that you’ve been inspired by these adorable ring bearer ideas. Regardless of what you do, making children or pets part of your special day adds a layer of whimsy and sweetness like no other.

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