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Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations though seemingly insignificant are the first reflection of you and how your wedding is going to be. They do say first impressions are the last after all. Starting from save the dates to thank you notes, everything should primarily go with the theme you are setting for your wedding. First task at hand is to choose the right paper, go with monochromes or something along the color of your wedding theme. Find a stationer that could help you select a best fit paper, typeface, calligraphy, envelopes. In the end choose a style that resonates with who you are as a couple and helps bring your dreams to paper.

Here are some things to remember before you send of your invites!


Mention the date and time and location of the wedding. In case the RSVP is via website mention the website. However, if you are receiving RSVP over post include a RSVP card and a pre stamped envelope. Also, if you plan on sit down meals make sure to include a space where guests can return their selection from your menu.


Before you are ready to post out your wedding cards ensure to mention the first and last names of your guests and in case you know the plus one, they are bringing make sure you add their name to for a more personal touch. Once the names are penned down, make sure you know how many and the right stamps your wedding card needs as per the weight and size of the envelope.


Proofread the card! Make sure you go through the name, location and date and time. For it is surely a huge headache to reprint the entire bunch of cards once you find a mistake afterwards. Also always remember to print extra cards because us humans have the worst habit of forgetting so there would always be that last day reminder of that important guest whose invite was never sent or misplaced!

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