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Dress ideas for Bridesmaids

A bride is nothing without her bridesmaids, whether it is fixing minor issues in your wedding dress or looking after the entire event, your bridesmaids have got your back. Your wedding day will have zero fun if your bridesmaids are not a part of it. Just like you suffer from various issues while looking for your dream dress, we bet you feel equally difficult while finding the perfect bridesmaid dresses for your girlfriends. Below are the best bridesmaid dress ideas which will give you an insight on how easy this task can be and you do not have to stress about anything.

Lacy cocktail dresses:

Laces were once reserved for the brides only, but with the course of time we have started to see people ruling out of this trend. Laces are extremely chic and make you appear extremely elegant and as for bridesmaids, cocktail dresses with lace are the most wonderful option ever. Dark colors work best for night time weddings and light colors are the best option for a day time wedding.


No we are not talking about extremely big, over the notch type of patterns but small floral patterns. The look extremely cute for a beach themed or a garden themed wedding. Works the best in spring and summer seasons. Light flowy gowns paired with flower crowns will definitely make your bridesmaids look like princesses.

Necklines with illusion:

Or in other words, illusion necklines. The dresses with illusion necklines are an excellent choice for a church or a formal wedding. The a-bit-of-sheer element just adds a bit of glamour to your entire dress.


If you are bored from the typical bridesmaid dresses, this is the right time to switch to crop tops and a tulle skirt, matched with the colors of your wedding theme.

Unique mix:

If you do not want your bridesmaids to look like twins, it is better if the opt for different shades of one color. Works best for rustic themed weddings and barn weddings.

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