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The Wedding Venue

It has been hard enough to find “the one” but as soon as you do and put a ring on it you are faced with the inevitable task of planning a wedding. It goes from finding the perfect venue, dress, and rings to finding the perfect words for your vows. The ever growing list of tasks hangs out like an impending loom if you do not sit down and organize the tasks and specifically a budget to begin with. For once you have allocated a budget everything falls into place, with the formidable task of finding the perfect dreamy venue being the biggest mountain to conquer.

Firstly brain storm ideas of how you want the wedding to be like, it could be a formal affair to a laid back festivity of friends and family depending on the overall feel of how you want your big day to be like? You can choose from a range of themes like “Traditional” where you set your wedding in a church with a reception in a wedding hall or a country club and a three course meal to be served for your guests. If you are more of a modern couple and do not vibe with the whole traditional approach then set your wedding in a “modern” theme with the venue being an open space, you can give it a rustic theme and rent a warehouse for the day or go all modern and rent out an art gallery.

For the couple who feels the wedding needs to be set out more closer to nature you have a range of options available, with its own pros and cons for instance you can just deck a garden of someone from your family or friends. Perhaps if your budget allows rent a lake house or even set the wedding up in the mountains all depending on your budget and your guest accessibility, for keeping the guests in mind needs to be a major decision factor in finalizing a venue.

Lately there has also been an emerging trend of destination weddings, of course if the budget allows you to host your guests. It could be another country, in most cases, with places like picturesque Tuscany or Lake Como being some of the chosen destinations lately mostly though for upscale weddings for it becomes a grand affair.

You can choose any of these venues to center around your wedding theme, just be wary of your budget for renting, food, flowers and cake everything adds up to your wedding. Lastly be mindful of where your guests are and how easy would it be for them to be a part of your wedding day to make it more memorable.

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