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Your Wedding Theme?

For it is not imperative but it would always be a good idea to pin down a centric theme for your wedding. This would help you streamline things and channel your ideas rather than listening to your heart which is all over the place and wants a little bit of everything.

Your theme should speak of what you both are as a couple. It should however align with few things, for instance the venue you would be going with, like a black and white formal wedding would require a grandiose setting all decked with fancy chandeliers. The theme does require you to settle for some colors, it could be your favorite colors. A little bit of both of yours (of course if they go well together) or you could meet halfway, remember go with something that you both would love! It is a special day for both of you after all.

If you are a traditional couple who would want to incorporate their culture and heritage, it is always a good idea to have a little bit of tradition with a touch of your own personal style. Also Keep your event details in mind, if it is a formal or informal event. Would the setting be indoors or outdoors, your theme needs to be in sync with it. Here are some of the wedding theme ideas


If you are doing your wedding in a ballroom or a hall, this is the way to go. It is timeless and minimalistic as appose to being extravagant. You can modify as per your personal style without a lot of brainstorming. They are more on the formal side, with white décor and linens or just a touch of color.


If you are up for an outdoor wedding, which would not be formal. Imagine a barn setting, wooden tables and floral decorations. You can even take advantage of the theme and go green! Have biodegradable confetti and invitation cards made of recycled papers.


You can go with any wedding venue like an art gallery or rooftops. It can be a modern minimalistic wedding with no fancy decorations. It can also be one with sophisticated decorations, colors schemes and patterns. A hint of personalization with your own monograms on table mats, the theme should speak itself even in the minute details like your choice of cocktails.

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