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Say YES to the DRESS!

Every girl wishes to feel like a princess on her wedding day and honestly, she deserves to. It is not like you get married every other day. A lot of girls want to look like those models which we come across on the cover page of various bridal magazines, with the perfect hair-do, makeup, shoes and dress, nobody can resist admiring them. Before looking at the bride’s face, people notice her dress and now a days it isn’t easy to find your perfect dress without spending thousands of dollars on it. But fear and worry not, we are here to the rescue. Below is the list of 10 affordable bridal dresses, you can easily mesmerize people with and feel like a princess slash model on your big day!

1. This Satin A-line strapless dress with Chapel train:

Seriously, we cannot stop admiring the embroidery on this beautiful dress. Even though it might look expensive because of all the embroidery, this dress costs $219.99.

2. Or what about this glamorous mini square dress?

Personal favorite! Cannot stop admiring all the lace work. If paired with ballerina pumps and beach waves, this outfit is the perfect for a beach destination wedding. This glam dress costs $128.99.

3. Anybody up for this High Mandarin Keyhole Sheath Train dress?

Love this combo of satin and lace. We honestly cannot stop admiring the back though. This court train dress will cost you $199.99.

4. Diamonds are girl’s best friends:

Shine bright like a diamond in this A-line beaded bodes, satin dress with sweetheart neckline on your wedding dress. The dress might look severely expensive with all the bead work done at the front and back but let us surprise you, this dress costs no more than $249.99.

5. Rocking the vintage era:

Look ravishing in this knee length Empire Tulle Halter wedding dress costing only $119.99.

We have only mentioned five of the dresses here you can check out more beautiful and affordable dresses at:

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