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Right Details at the Right Time!

How something so small can ruin the overall appearance of an outfit? Is it even possible? Yes, the smallest detail can make a huge impact on your overall appearance. Small details are like tiny advocates of the Devil. No matter how much money you have spent on your outfit it will go in vain if the details are not right. Be sure that everything of the outfit is on point before leaving the house. Work your way from the feet up to the head down.


Starting from the headwear, people are pro in choosing the wrong hat. At least make sure that the colors of the hat work with the rest of your outfit. (Color wheel, rings a bell?). Make sure the shape of your hat goes accordingly with the shape of your face. If you have a narrow face, avoid a narrow sharply peaked hat. If you have a round face do not choose the bowlers and other rounded hats that can make your head look like a bowling ball. Keep the type of environment in your mind as well; if the environment is formal wear only still, felt hats. Soft and leather hats fall in the category of casual wears and should be worn with casual clothes.


Can be worn in different styles and one should pick which suits his face the best.

If you have a large head or a broad face try going for a solid knot, full Windsor being the most appropriate choice. Narrow faced or small men should go for something slim, triangular four-in-hand.

There should be a small dimple rested below the point of the knot to lift the tie off the chest slightly giving it an attractive drape and body.


Is a separate article of clothing. It should not match with the color of your tie or anything else in your attire but they should work with the overall color scheme and should not distract attention from the rest of your ensemble. They are stylish but not a defining look on their own right. Pocket squares can make a well-dressed man stand apart from the crowd on their own.


Is a small pin that is worn with a suit. It can be worn as an ornament and sometimes it is linked with an organizational cause. Wearing a lapel pin certainly indicates that a man chooses his wardrobe elegantly. Lapel pins come in various shapes and sizes and should be worn on formal events. But it does not mean you cannot wear it on regular basis, you can! But make sure it is simple and plain so it does not look over-ornamented.


Jewelry should be worn to minimum because the attention sways away from the entire outfit to a specific point.

Wedding ring can be worn as they are a symbol of commitment and watches are the most common male accessory and are rarely counted as jewelry. Simpler watch is considered to be more formal than others.

Cufflinks makes a very strong impression if worn with French cuffs. People do notice the small efforts you make in order to make your outfit look more elegant.

Earrings and rings should be avoided on conservative occasions and should be worn as only as a casual gesture.

The last mistake you can make when it comes to dressing yourself is missing out the details. Keep your outfit simple and avoid the unnecessary details. Keeping the details decent and simple is the best way to express your personal style.

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