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Plan your wedding firework display

Wedding festivities require planning for everything from the decor to the guest seating to the food. On the wedding day the bride and groom are usually spent with all the wedding madness, all they look forward to is everything going smoothly. Why not give yourself an extra treat on your wedding day? Plan the perfect ending to your big day by ending with a spectacular display of fireworks. They do not necessarily have to be extravagant; the magnificence of fireworks is that even if done on a small scale they are just outright one of the most romantic things ever just a little sparkle to make your day extra magical. Here are some tips when you plan on adding fireworks to your big day

1. Check with your venue

A lot of venues do generally allow fireworks, but different areas might be bound by their rules/laws. So be sure to get a heads up from your venue. If fireworks are a deal breaker for your wedding, make sure to check in their rules and terms of agreement before booking the venue. Keep in mind a lot of venues are onboard with allowing fireworks as long as they are from a trusted company or their panel firework companies.

2. Know your budget

Fireworks can be grandiose and small-scale all depending on your allocated budget. Have an idea in mind of the length and type of fireworks display you want. A lot of firework companies cater to personalized requests and can get a choice of your display.

3. Plan ahead

Just like your décor arrangements or you flower displays, this too would need ample amount of brain storming with the planner. For the firework company to plan a well-lit display as per your requirements they need time for planning and execution. So ensure to have them onboard timely and never leave it to last minute to avoid any disasters later.

4. Inform your photographer

Make sure your photographer knows the timing of the fireworks, a lot of photographer do not stay till the very end of the wedding and thus need to be informed timely. Do know a firework background photo is one of the most magical memoirs for you to keep for years to come. So, make sure your photographer stays!

5. Know them rules

A lot of areas have restrictions on timings of the fireworks so make sure you are aware of the timings. Lastly but most importantly make sure all safety protocols are followed, this is usually followed by the firework companies but generally be aware of the requirements

Lastly have fun! Remember this could be one of the most magical things you can possibly plan for your big day. So, give it a considerable thought.

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