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Lets Dance

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

Weddings and dances go hand in hand, there is not any wedding where you wont come across people grooving to music all night long. Finding songs which go perfectly with your wedding theme is not an easy task since the taste in music differs from person to person. If you are dancing on apple bottom by low, obviously the old folks are going to judge you pretty bad. you need to make sure that everyone is equally enjoying the music and the dance floor is filled with sweaty, barefoot people by the end of night.

In order to do that make sure you combine a list of some really amazing, sweep you off your feet party songs. Make sure the first song you are going to play is the best one on the list because it is going to set the tempo for the reception. Signed, sealed, delivered by Stevie Wonder is full of energy and best one to give a kick start to the party. also make sure, you have a combination of both old and new songs.

The best ones are:

· Happy by Pharell Williams

This song is pretty much going to warm you up. It is nice and light and makes you want to tap your feet.

· Shake it off by Taylor Swift:

Every single party has a swiftie in it. This is the perfect song to dance with your bridesmaids and shake off all the tiredness.

· Shout by the Isley Brothers:

This song from 1959 is something for the old folks to groove to.

· We found love by Rihanna and Calvin Harris:

No dance floor is fun without bride and groom dancing together and we believe this is the perfect song for them out there and reminisce the first time they met.

· Good feeling by Flo Rida:

Lets be very honest, no party is complete if you do not see people jamming to Flo rida’s songs. Here is one for the occasion.

· Move ya body by Nina Sky:

Who doesn’t want to move their body to this song?

· Lean on by Major Lazer ft. DJ Snake:

You will definitely need someone to lean on after dancing your feet off to this extremely addictive song.

· Bust a move by Young MC:

Yes, you need to do that especially on this song.

· Uptown funk by Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars:

Who doesn’t love this song?

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