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How to choose wedding centerpieces

The centerpieces at your wedding have a major effect at your wedding reception. Using the right centerpieces can help set the tone of the event, also making your big day more magical. There's a great deal to consider when choosing your centerpiece, from budget, to appearance, to the solace and bliss of your guests. You might be astounded that there's a whole other world to the process than essentially choosing your favorite flowers.

Quantity of centerpieces

The quantity of centerpieces depends on the quantity of tables at your reception. Give your florist an approximate guest count as soon as possible, even if you don’t have the exact number finalized yet. You will also like to consider additional arrangements for the head table, sweetheart table, welcome table, dessert table, etc.


More the centerpieces, more money needed. The cost will higher for out-of-season flowers and rare blooms that must be shipped in from far away.

On average, about 8% of your total budget should be allotted for flowers. If you require a lot of centerpieces, consider using lower-priced flowers with minimal accents to monitor the expense. Also, consider re-purposing flowers from your ceremony, like using aisle markers or bridesmaids’ bouquets instead of actual arrangements.

Think about Table Structure

The table arrangements must be made according to the different shapes and sizes for the guest tables. At first, choose what shape of tables you would want in the venue such as round, square or rectangular.

For round tables, just one single centerpiece in the center is perfect. For rectangular tables, the number is higher relying upon the length of the table. While choosing the tables, keep track of the number of guests.

Go for Larger Blooms

Going for larger blooms is a superior approach for decorating your tables. A whole blossom of large flower is adequate to be a centerpiece. This spares you both time and money. Smaller blooms can be utilized as complementary parts for the square or rectangular tables. For the chair decors, you can use smaller blooms. Remember the wedding theme while selecting the larger blooms.

Choose the right flowers

Choosing the right flowers is important. Try not to choose something with strong fragrance. Since the guests would be directly sitting there, they might get uncomfortable with the strong smell and they would be eating at the table, the blended smell of food and flowers can be puzzling. It is smarter to go for flowers with subtle fragrance.

Keep it simple

Do not exaggerate with the centerpieces. Even if the tables are bigger, you must keep ample space for the guests to see each other and move their hands freely. Remember the height of the centerpieces, if the height is too long, it ends up hard for the guests to interact with each other. For tables of any size, simply stick with some basic flowers or whole blossoms. There is no need to use much greenery and stems as added layers to the centerpieces.

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