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Gorgeous Bridal Makeup Looks

Makeup plays a key role in accentuating your features and since it is your big day deciding what type if makeup you should be wearing is the hardest decision you are going to make, yes, harder than finding your prince charming. People’s taste in makeup varies; some people prefer extremely dramatic makeup while others tend to keep themselves towards the neutral side.

While choosing makeup it is important to keep your skin tone in your mind, there are certain products which look absolutely stunning on pale skin and some products don’t, same goes for dark skin tones. Also while choosing your bridal makeup look it is important to keep your location in mind as well for example smokey eyes are a no no for beach themed wedding. That being said we are mentioning five of our most favorite makeup looks that will definitely inspire you.

The Bombshell Bride:

Who doesn’t love contouring? This makeup look will definitely bring out your features.

In order to give a monochromatic effect, use the bronze color on your eyes and cheeks. Add a hue of bronze color on your lips to complete the effect. This makeup look is perfect for garden themed weddings, paired with a beautiful flower crown, you will look nothing less than a seelie queen.

The Rosy Bride:

If bronze color is not your cup of tea, you can always opt for rosy colors. Remember, nothing looks bad if it is in pink. Use rose color on your lids, lips and cheeks. Make your eyes pop up by using a shimmery rose color and matte color on your lips. Style your hair in a messy fishtail braid and you will make one heck of a beautiful bride.

The Outdoor Bride:

For outdoor weddings it is better if you keep your makeup towards a neutral side. Make your eyeliner look intense on the outer corner of your eyes. Finish the look by adding a pop of blush on your cheeks and a pink tone lipstick for your lips. Beach curls will up your makeup game.

The Smokey Bride:

For a nighttime wedding, this look is the perfect for you. Smokey eyes with nude lips and contour on your cheeks will definitely make you look glamorous. For finishing touch use apricot blush on your cheeks.

The Natural Bride:

It is okay if you do not want to cake your face with a lot of makeup, if you want to keep yourself towards the natural side, use an orchid colored lipstick with skimmed eyes and a peach blush.

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