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Exotic Wedding Destinations

If you aren’t familiar, destination weddings are the weddings which are celebrated 100 miles away from where the bride lives. Earth is one magnificent and beautiful planet, from snow capped mountains to pure blue sea, everything about it dazzles you. Why not add this “dazzle-ness” in your wedding? Love and perfect place, what more is to ask from a fairy tale wedding.

Showing you top five places for the best destination wedding:


Surrounded by sea and trees, Caribbean has one of the most beautiful places to have a beach destination wedding. Aruba being the most visited island of the Caribbean with its sugar strands. One happy island for one soon to be married couple. The wedding ceremonies are taken place inside the city hall. Also you don’t have to worry about hurricanes ruining your wedding.


Ski slopes, desert dunes, red rocks this is Arizona for you, mate. Famous for the Grand Canyon, you do not need a city hall to marry here, instead just tell the clerks of courts about the site where you are marrying and poof you’re wed.


The isle of Gods situated in Indonesia, this island attracts romance seekers from all over the world. The place is no less than heaven having mist covered temples and beautiful mountains. Imagine exchanging your vows while sun is setting behind the temple. HEAVY BREATHING!


Italy is one of the most romantic places on this godly earth. Even George Clooney married here. Surely it is the perfect place to marry the person of your dreams. Also the couple deserves the gondola ride along the Grand Canal, taking in the joy and happiness this city has to produce.


Turkey is one of the most beautiful countries itself. Cappadocia is located four hours away from Ankara and its landscapes are carved to perfection. Think about having a perfect wedding in this flawless place.

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