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Check list for Beach themed wedding

Beach weddings are probably the most romantic and truly amazing weddings ever. The serene view, the crashing waves just make everything look so wonderful. From cake to the entire theme, you have plenty of ideas to make your big day special and that is why we will give you a general overview on how to have an awesome beach themed wedding.

First off, the lights:

Simple, delicate string lights will make everything look like a fairytale especially at dusk. Place beautiful, plain candles on the guests tables and they definitely will be a cherry on top.


Vintage and chic decorations will make your beach wedding look ten times more beautiful, whether it is creating an aisle or the flowers, vintage inspired pastel colors are the best option for you.

Goody bags:

Since it is a beach wedding, why not add something useful in the welcome bags for the guests, such as flip flops, sunscreen, beach towel and sunglasses. We promise you, your guests will be the happiest.

The cake:

Instead of having an extremely posh cake why not opt for something simple yet entire classic, an ocean colored cake decorated with white flowers or star fish made from butter cream.


Use canoe to keep the beverages cool. Yes cocktails are a really good option but it will be fun if you swap it for some good old soda.


Fresh sea food, straight out of the ocean.

Fun, fun fun: you can add many small details in the venue just to make your wedding day extremely fun, for example a shoe basket, throw those bride’s shoes in them and walk barefoot on the beach and enjoy feeling the sand under your feet.


Everything that is extremely heavy and full of layers will only cause you inconvenience on the beach. Switch the traditional bride dress to a nice white cocktail dress paired with cute flip flops. Instead of wearing a three piece suit, the groom can wear dress pants and light colored waistcoat with a white dress shirt underneath.

Sky lanterns:

Kiss under those sky lanterns and end the reception in the best way possible.

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