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Cakes & Weddings

No wedding is complete without a cake. This gift from heaven is full of joy and happiness. Even though a classic plain wedding cake never goes out of the style but now people are showing a strong liking towards contemporary styled wedding cakes. Thanks to geometric detailing and using different metallic hues these cakes are extremely beautiful to eat.

1. Amethyst inspired cake by Wow factor Cakes: (

This geode at the top of the cake makes the entire cake incredibly unique.

2. Classic cake with a pop by Sugarsuckle: (

This typical cake with a pop of red color is definitely eye catching and mouth watering.

3. Out of the world cake by Paper Heart Patisserie: (

Want to eat something that takes you out of this world? This wedding cake will definitely do this trick.

4. Pineapple on top of the cake by Lael Cakes: (

Everyone is familiar with the phrase cherry on top of the cake, every heard of pineapple on top of the cake? Well now you have, this modern styled cake is perfect for tropical themed weddings.

5. Prisms by Cake by Nicole: (

If physics was your favorite subject in college, this cake will definitely add a touch of physics to your entire wedding with the delicate prisms on the top.

6. Plain Jane with gold:

This plain white wedding cake with gold detailing is definitely one of the best laid back cake ever.

7. Marble by A Squad Bake Shop: (

can this cake get any more beautiful? We are awestruck with the marble detailing adding glamour here and there.

8. Blue eye candy:

This blue colored geometric cake is definitely giving us some traditional Malta vibes.

9. Flowery cake by The Cocoa Cakery: (

This cake looks like it was grown and nourished in some beautiful flower garden.

10. Heart cake by Wild Orchid Baking Co. (

Perfect for a vintage themed wedding full of love and hearts.

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