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Add miracle touches to your wedding day

We often suggest couples to think out of the box when it comes to making their big day stand out even more. After all, the wedding is not just one day, but it is the most special day that we want to remember forever.

We have shortlisted a couple of magical touches that will not only make your day special but, it will help keeping the bond strong for years to come.

Tell your story

The most beautiful addition would be to have someone narrate the story of how the couple fell in love. The story could help the guests relate to the wedding in the best of ways and keep them connected to the day.

Have someone close interview the friends and the family to know more about the couple and add those stories to the initial one. This could add a humorous touch to the day making it enjoyable for the whole crowd.

Love letter from distant loved ones

Several times, unfortunately, some of the most closed members of the family or best friends are not able to make it to the wedding day. Let’s not make their absence felt or negate them from being there by other means.

One such way would be having them write a letter and read out the letter during the ceremony to show them how much they mean to you and how much they absence was felt. This could distract the couple from missing them on the big day.

Letters from the guests

The wedding day is one of days that every couple talk about for years and years. There could be a way you close that day into a time capsule. Request all the guests at the venue to write a letter that can include best wishes, advice for married life, their memory of you as a couple or anything else they would wish to include.

Put those letters in a special box that you only open on your anniversary and read them together to reminisce on your wedding day and the lovely bond you share with your partner.

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