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10 Things to know before Bridal Shoe Shopping

There are numerous details that go into finalizing your wedding day look—your hairstyle, your makeup, accessories—however second only to the dress is your wedding shoes. Choosing a perfect wedding shoe isn’t an easy task, it is, the make or break for all-day comfort.

Here are few guidelines for choosing your wedding shoes.

1. Buy Your Wedding Dress First

Your wedding shoes should complement the style and formality of your dress most importantly. You can’t ensure this if you purchase the shoes before your wedding dress.

The length and cut of your dress will decide how much of your shoes will be visible and what kind of shoe (and heel height) you should wear. If you’re wearing a tea-length gown, your shoes will get a lot more attention than if you’re wearing a floor-grazing dress with a long train.

2. Set Your Shoe Goals & Budget

Before you start browsing, decide the amount you want to spend on your wedding shoes. Having a budget will help narrow your search.

Consider what you want to achieve with your wedding shoes:

- Do you want your shoes to make a statement or be more traditional?

- Are you coordinating shoes with your partner?

- Does style or comfort matter most to you?

- Do you want to wear one pair of shoes throughout the day?

- Do you want to invest in a quality pair?

3. Always Buy Early

The golden rule is don’t wait until the last moment to find your wedding shoe!

If you’re planning on shopping online, it’s always a smart idea to buy early as sizes can run out fast. If the sizes run out, the lead time can be long, especially if it’s handmade. Hence, it’s always a good idea to get the shoe early rather than later.

4. Venue Considerations

Are you having an outdoor wedding? Garden? Ballroom? Church? Barn? Many sets of stairs? Gravel pathways? Slippery dance floor? Beach wedding? Consider the location of your wedding when choosing your wedding shoes. Always ensure that your shoe choice works well with the location.

5. Comfort Is the Key

Consider whether the shoe will be comfortable enough to wear throughout the event. You’ll want to remember all the special moments, not how much your feet hurt during your big day.

You should consider the heel height foremost— the higher the heel, the more pressure goes on the ball of your foot. If you love wearing heels then wear a stiletto that have an additional padding so that you’re comfortable all day.

If you love sneakers or sandals, then stick to a lower shoe height for your wedding. It is not wise to test a new height on your wedding day as all eyes will be on you.

Make sure to stay true to who you are.

6. Try After You Buy

Try, try and try them again! Wear them around the house (preferably indoors on a clean, carpeted surface if you need to return) to test the comfort of the shoe.

Try wearing them for an hour or two, with the goal that they fit easily on your big day. Try dancing in them to really wear them in.

It’s also fun to wear them before your wedding in the house so you can truly imagine how you’ll look on your big day!

7. Ensure That It Makes You Feel Special

Pick a wedding shoe that makes you feel like a Princess! Even though your dress is floor length, you still want to be able to give your guests an occasional peak that’ll make them gasp and shower you with compliments! Choose a wedding shoe that will stand out and one that will look amazing both in pictures and in real life.

8. Shop around

It can be alluring to buy the first pair of shoes that you fall in love with, but it is always encouraged to shop around and weigh all your options before buying.

Online inventory is more extensive so it’s ideal to browse your search online and then shop in stores for your preferred styles.

9. Don’t Be Afraid of Colors Beside White

The shoes color relies on what kind of bride you are. If you’re more classic and traditional, you’ll be attracted to traditional whites, champagnes, ivories, and nudes, but if you’re slightly less traditional, don’t fear to go outside the box in the color division. You can also consider a metal like silver, gold, or rose gold, which enhances the embellishments on your dress or the jewelry you want to wear.

If you want to be bold with color or match the groom by coordinating with his suit, tux, vest, socks, or tie, you can add that color to your shoes to match.

10. You’re Not Limited to One Wedding Shoe

It’s totally normal to have a pair for the ceremony and another for the reception. If brides can change wedding dresses, then the same thing applies to wedding shoes!

If you want to wear a heel during the ceremony, then consider a wedding flat for the dancing which is more comfortable. Also, your big day is all about you! So, you have every valid excuse and reason to splurge on new shoes.

So, there you have it! Enjoy the fun of the wedding shoe hunting process.

Remember the tips above and we guarantee that you’ll have a pain-free wedding.

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